Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Decorating on a Dime

This tree was purchased at the after Christmas sale at Target last year for 1/2 price of course! The ornaments were 70% off so I decided to go a little wild and do not so traditional colors on my tree this year.  I'm sure my son, Jeremy will ask where his old ornaments are and I'll just tell him that this year I decided to break tradition!  He'll get over it!

My dear adopted sister, Barbara found this delightful book about our favorite subject, Chocolate and it just happend to match my new brown and blue decor so I had to buy it for $1.00.  The bowl and balls was bought at another yard sale for 75 cents for the entire lot.  Jennifer, my sister-in-law suggested that I paint one of the balls blue to add a little interest and she just happened to have some blue paint she purchased at a yard sale.  She is always picking up odd paint at yard sales and we always seem to find a use for it!

For the Christmas holiday I added a few silver ornaments I got at Target last year for 70% off!

This plate I gave to Jennifer because it matched her bedroom...later I decided I liked her bedroom so much that I painted mine the exact color!  I added a few ornaments and presto...a beautiful tablescape!

I got this plate at Hobby Lobby last year for 90% off. It was $19.9 and I paid a little of nothing for it.  It had a little chip on the outside rim but it was nothing a little red paint couldn't fix! 

I got this tray at a yard sale and put it on a plate holder. For the holidays I cut out a vintage looking Santa and applied it to the glass with spray adhesive.  A little free greenery from the neighborhood added to the look.  The ornament candle holders were another yard sale find for 25 cents for the three!

My monogrammed flag needed a little holiday cheer so I added a red bow with ribbon I purchased at a yard sale.

This little swag needed a little color so I added a bow from my yard sale stash.

This tablescape is on my bedroom armoire.  I found the idea of using a champagne bucket in a decorating magazine and I just happened to have one that I got at a yard sale this summer for $3.00.  The little blue pitcher was a yard sale find for $2.00 in Turtle Point at a yard sale.  The beautiful plate was not so beautiful when I bought it at Bents and Dents for $5.00.  My talented "sister" Barbara Moore made it look like it does now.  Not everyone is privileged to own a "Barbara Moore original"! 

A closer look at the "Champagne Bucket Tree"

These chocolate bar ornaments were purchased at Lowes last year after Christmas for 70% off

This is my Wexford glassware collection.  Most of it came from yard sales, estate sales, Goodwills and Thrift Stores with the exception of a few pieces that was given to me by Daffo Holt and Stephanie Montgomery. Daffo is the cause of my Wexford addiction! 

This Santa plate is one of my favorites.  I found it at Goodwill on 1/2 off Saturday.  It was $1.99 and 1/2 off that! 

A closer look at my "Barbara Moore Original"

I love these vinyl sayings. I found them on the internet and they are very affordable. Check them out at Vinylsays.com

Another yard sale find for $1.00.

Another one of my sayings...I like this one...There's nothing lke staying at home for REAL COMFORT!  Ain't that the truth!

No Christmas decoration but cute nontheless...my dog, Brownie aka Goose!

Two more of my doggies...Gracie, my baby and her Mother, Dixie

In my bathroom I decided to go with the modern colors of red and lime green.  The little basket says "Joy" and was 50 cents at a yard sale including the litle "Nice" mirrror!

This table was a Pier One find that was $20.00 at a yard sale and she had just marked it down to $10.00.  I covered the top with Christmas paper applied with spray adhesive..  The basket was a yard sale find for 50 cents and it is filled with 1/2 price ornaments from Target.

I couldn't leave out the outdoors. This is the front of our little abode all decorated for Chrismas!

I found this lantern at the last yard sale me, Jen and Barbara attended.  It was brand new from Sam's.  A little bow and greenery and it now adorns my dining room table.

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  1. Well I would definitely follow your blog..even if I didn't know you. You are doing a wonderful job...you'll have tons of admirers before you know it. I am impressed with your decorating talent as usual. You really pulled out the stops this year!