Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Land of Precious

These are pictures of my friend April's daughter's room- Heather. 
She picked out the lime green color and left the rest to me.  Needless to say we had a shoestring budget so since it was wintertime and no yard sales to be found I hit all the Goodwills from Nashville to Lawrenceburg and came up with a room "fit for a princess"!  
Heather told me and April that she wanted to leave for a day and come back to a decorated room like she sees on TV but alas this took more than one day. 
How do you like this creative headboard?  I actually stole the idea from my neice, Suzanne. 
She did this in my great niece, Hannah's room and I loved the idea.
Can you believe we used placemats?  Cute and CHEAP!
Heather did not have a bed so we improvised and used an inflatable mattress. 
This trick I learned from my very talented sister-in-law, Sue who is a home stager. 
A very generous person on later gave her a full sized bed and frame so the inflatable mattress went back to the closet!

The nightstand came from a yard sale for $10.00 that I had previously purchased and had no room for it. 

These colorful "curtains" came from Big Lots, another of my favorite stores!

All of these "accessories" are compliments of Goodwill!
This lamp was a find at St. Vincent DePaul's thrift store for $1.00.  The shade I found at Rosses' and covered with a different material on each side.  The trim April actually already had so I hot glued it to the shade and presto...a one-of-a-kind "designer" lamp!  Heather loved it! 
This is Heather texting her friends and telling them how fantastic her room turned out!